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Zubbani presents his team
Continuity and change the keywords of the junta

Carrara, May 26, 2012 - Mayor Angelo Zubbani to ten days after the proclamation of the mayor presented his committee. "Continuity and change ', the two key words in the six councilors must adhere. "The lack of upheavals over the previous winning team - said the mayor - must be accompanied by a change of pace to better meet the needs of the city."

So full steam ahead with Andrea Vannucci (Pd), deputy mayor who will also deal with Town Planning and Marble. Josephine Andreazzoli (PSI) will add the Budget and Social Services, Heritage and the Enter and government property. Dante Benedini (Pd) and will add traffic to the Sport and Health, Massimiliano Bernardi (Federation of the Left) will leave the Social and Public Works, Environment, Animal Rights, Policies for the home, the Civil Defence. A Joan Baker (PD) remains the Culture and Education. Finally, the new entry Fabio Traversi (Carrara future for Zubbani) Production, trade, tourism.

The Mayor holds itself to the Health, Planning of the objectives, policies supra, Safety and municipal police. With the appointment of councilors, took the most votes among the board, enter the Assizes for the Pd Robetra Cruel, Simonetta and Carlo Boni courses. For the PSI Entrà Pugnana Luca and Giuseppe Scattina enter the Left. For future Giuseppe Carrara Bergitto.

P.s. no change is old team .

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