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Torano (Carrara)
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administrative data
State flag of Italy
Tuscany - Toscana crest
Province Massa-Carrara - coat of arms Massa-Carrara
Municipality Carrara - Carrara crest
Coordinates 44 ° 5'40 "N 10 ° 6'19" ECoordinate: 44 ° 5'40 "N 10 ° 6'19" E (Map)
Altitude 150 m s.l.m.
Population 770 (2001)
More information
Zip Code 54030
prefix 0585
Time zone UTC +1
Inhabitants name toranesi
Patron Taking M. Virgin
Torano is positioned in Italy

Torano is a village in the municipality of Carrara which is only two kilometers. Surrounded by chestnut trees and spectacular views of the quarries, is an indispensable step on the way to the area of the marble channel Lorano, Ravaccione and Battaglino. Its history and economics have always been linked to the famous white Carrara marble. It was near the free federation Carrara.
historical notes
It probably has Roman origins witnessed by many Roman stones found in its vicinity and citations of the marble quarries in ancient literature. The first official document mentioning a village of Torano, however, dates back to 1141.
demographic trends
population census
to visit
The Monumental Cemetery Marcognano many valuable sculptures and chapels in white Carrara marble. In summer, the country is home to an arts and cultural festival entitled "Torano Day and Night", where cellars and houses in the country are used to real exhibition.

-are also the cod marinated according to ancient recipes

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